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Aug 14
Jul 17

Understanding Inheritance Tax

British families paid a record £5bn in inheritance tax last year Inheritance tax paid by British families topped £5bn for the first time in history, in the year to April 2017 new data reveals. A record number of middle-class families are finding themselves caught up in the world of Inheritance Tax... read more →
Jun 17
Apr 28
Mar 16

Do You Need Income Protection ?

Have you ever considered what you would do, if you suddenly lost your income? Most people, whether employed or self-employed, rely on a regular income to pay their mortgage, monthly bills and put food on the table, but research proves very few consider how they would manage if they were... read more →
Feb 24
Jan 06
Dec 03

Shareholder & Partnership Protection

If a business owner or shareholder dies their share in the business may be passed to their family. Surviving business owners could lose control of part or, in some circumstances, all of their business. The family may choose to become involved in the on-going running of the business or could... read more →
Nov 15

Potential Negative Interest Rates for You & Your Company

Traditionally, companies with cash, surplus to normal working capital requirements have placed those funds on deposit. However, with interest rates at a record low, directors could be increasingly concerned at the very poor returns available on deposit accounts. And with some banks threatening to charge a negative interest rate to... read more →
Oct 01

Do You Need Business Protection?

Many business owners are unaware of the unforeseen risks to their business, and the step available to help protect their business against these. Business Protection can be broken down into simply protecting: * Profits – if a business loses a key employee, a key person plan gives the business a... read more →